Power Plays to Manifest a better New Year

Dec 30, 2020


Another year has come and gone, and I believe there is one thing we can agree on 2020 was not a typical year. This year pushed us out of our comfort zone. One thing is for sure; we have all gained a new mindset or at least a new perspective. As a collective, I would like to think that we will exit 2020 a little more enlightened and resilient, less entitled, and with a larger sense of gratitude. 


With a year of so many up and downs, even if you are not one to set New Year's resolutions, this is the perfect year to release the old and embrace forward motion!


What do you want to Manifest? 


What is something you truly desire at a soul's level that will make you committed to lasting changes in your world? We are talking about something you feel energized about when you think or talk about it. 


Do you have it? 


Okay, let's make it stick past January by applying these practices.


1.) Release the Past Year: 


To move forward with clean and clear energy, we must release and forgive the past and honor the lessons learned. Set the intention to release 2020 completely by forgiving situations, people, and most of all, yourself. An excellent place to start is by applying the ancient Hawaiian prayer Ho'oponopono which is used for healing, transformation, inner-peace, and self-love.

  • I am sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • Thank you
  • I love you 

Repeat and apply to each situation person and self. To strengthen self-forgiveness, do it while in front of the mirror. 


2.) Develop a consistent morning ritual to set your intention for the day: 


Like forming any other habit and, more importantly, making it stick, there are two must-haves. Consistency and repetition. Both of which are needed to rewire the brain at a subconscious level. 


One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by allowing yourself the freedom to form a powerful morning ritual. Every morning you receive the gift to begin again, which makes this the perfect time to set your intention(s) for the day and deciding exactly how you want to show up for yourself and others. 


Strengthen this ritual by not checking social media or texts and filling it with a little mindful meditation, journaling, or prayers. Keep your focus on just the day ahead, as the saying goes, one day at a time.


3.) Pledge to more laughter. 


The proverb all work and no play could never be more factual when it comes to our lives. Someone once told me your "job" in life is to have fun and find the joy and laughter in the small and everyday things. In the fun and laughter, we find our creative spirit and generosity. 


As you embody the state of peace and happiness, we naturally spur a more productive you one with the resolve to make your resolutions stick as you are operating from joy, not stress and force. 




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