3 Powerful Practices For Self Love

Jan 12, 2021


Why is it that so many of us struggle with self-compassion or self-love? How do we learn to love ourselves as much as we love our besties? When do we say I choose me, I am good enough. How do we flip the switch and become happy, healthy, and whole just as we are?

With the rise of social influencers' accounts, too many of us try to live like this picture-perfect curated page even when logic tells us that is not reality. Some of us take on not living up to expectations set out for us, the mindset of not meeting the mark. Others have done or said things through life and continue to carry guilt and refuse to forgive themselves. 

Bottom line, nobody is perfect! 

At some point in life, most people have struggled and had to learn how to accept themselves. They have had to do some inner work, get their mindset in check to get to where they are. Remember, unless you are with someone 24/7, you don't know what they feel when alone or what cross they quietly bear.


Please repeat after me; It's okay to be me! 

Teaching yourself to practice self-love is something you can do! By releasing blocks in the unconscious mind, you make internal shifts and release what holds you back. When self-acceptance begins, all the negative and positive aspects of yourself seemingly start to flow. Remember, there is no light without dark; they need each other to form balance. We all have things we do not like about ourselves or things we need to work on to be a better person. But if you are willing to get honest and do the work, you really can have the life where you have, do and get to be all you desire. Below you will find three tips for a place to start your journey to self-love. 

Time to shift to a mindset of self-love and acceptance. 

1.) Scripting, get your thoughts on paper.

On average, we have 2.3 million bits per second of information flying at us daily; we only take in about a quarter of it at best. But it is the repetitive self-talk of the tiny percentage that we do take in that sticks with us and makes our reality. So what is your inner dialog? The following prompts will help you uncover the story you are telling yourself. 

  • What is the story I am telling myself?
  • How does this story benefit me?
  • Where did this story begin?
  • For what purpose am I hanging on to this story?
  • What are ten things that I like about myself?

Get your pen and paper out and allow yourself to dig deep and think about your answers honestly. Give yourself all the time you need to relax and allow all your thoughts to come out. Don't second guess yourself. Everything will just come out as it needs to in its perfect form.

Once you have everything down, go back and read it, reflect and accept what you wrote down. Acknowledge where the resistance is in the things you don't want to release about yourself and dig a bit deeper to figure out why.

2.) Talk to yourself in the mirror.

Practice Ho' oponopono.

Say to yourself: 

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love you.

Thank you.

This prayer is powerful all on its own, but it magnifies the inner healing and self-acceptance when you recite aloud it in front of the mirror. Don't judge yourself if it makes you cry; just let the healing energy sweep over you.  

Do this for multiple days in a row in the morning or evening. Repeat the prayer until you feel the peace rushing through you.


3.) Learn from others about your positive traits.

Be brave and ask friends and family what qualities they admire about you. Be a little more daring and ask what is it about you that makes them grateful to be a part of your life. It truly helps when we hear positive things from other people. Now, I know it can be tough to accept a compliment and reply thank you with all that negative self-talk in overdrive but with practice, you can and will as you work at rewiring your mind on a subconscious level. 

Remember, when you do the inner work to release limiting beliefs, values, or identities ( some of which you see are not even your own) you will change how you perceive yourself and your world.


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