My entire life, no matter what was occurring to me, I have always been that one friend who listened, lifted, motivated, and assisted in moving those around me in the right direction. So it comes as no surprise I feel an "undeniable calling" on a soul's level to help thousands, maybe millions, of people get out of their way and achieve the life they so desire are worthy of living.


I am Annette Marie; I am a success/mindset coach who likes to call herself a Whole-self Metaphysician. My journey to get to this point is not unlike others. It has been a winding road, not a straight line. For the past twenty years, I have had the honor of helping others realize their limitless life.


I have a unique combination that helps my clients get to where they want to go—the perfect combination of spirituality, science, and the encouragement of inspired action. I possess a great belief, practice (yes, I walk the talk), and a continued study of the power of manifestation (mindset). Combined with NLP, EFT, TIME, and hypnosis to assist in releasing limiting behaviors on the subconscious level.


My backstory: I was born to a single teenage mother trying to grow up herself that found it hard to be a present parent. So as she raised herself, I did the same. As a child, I floated through life without the necessary material items or a good role model.


Like many others, I suffered verbal, physical, and sexual abuse as a child and became prone to substance abuse. I never learned to handle money or be in a healthy relationship. I had no self-worth or sense of belonging. All this has just made me stronger! Anyone who knows me can tell you I am a fighter, "I AM" determined, stubborn, and have great faith.


One day I had a great awakening. A friend sent me this cool video. Yep, you guessed it, The Secret. I suddenly realized I had been creating (manifesting) my reality by agreeing to old stories or as I like to call them unconscious agreements;  I was calling in more negatives by continually focusing on all the garbage. That negative mindset was destroying me.


I became obsessed with being a student of Neville Goddard, Joseph Murphy, Abraham Hicks, Bob Proctor, Jose Silva, and Genevieve Behrend's teachings on the hidden powers of the subconscious mind.  I did the inner healing work and further invested in myself by becoming certified in NLP, hypnosis, EFT, and Time technique.

Every day I was, and still am, striving to live in a state of my highest good by evolving and growing.


I live in the energy; I possess the power to build the exact life I want with the financial freedom I desire and the love I am worthy of having.  I am the co-creator of my universe! I would appreciate the opportunity to teach you the same.


Fun Facts: How did I come up with the name A.M.vibes? The obvious, Annette Marie. Second, every morning or a.m., you have the opportunity to begin again. Last my belief that "I am" is the most powerful word in the universe. We are one with the divine source (God for me) and therefore making all of us infinite beings and powerful co-creators that can move our lives and the lives of others to a magnificent place.

I am Imagination plus daily action while living in the end.

Annette Marie

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